I’m honored to announce that AROUND OUR WAY ON NEIGHBORS’ DAY has been designated an ACTION BOOK CLUB™ selection by®!  

Any group of people (families, friends, classmates, organizations, existing book clubs) can sign up to participate in this wonderful, service-oriented endeavor. Per the website, the idea is as follows:

“In a new twist on the traditional book club, Little Free Library’s Action Book Club™ invites participants to read books on timely topics, engage in lively discussions, and take part in meaningful—and fun—group service projects to benefit their communities. This is reading and social engagement at its best.

After completing a service project, participants can share their experiences online with other Action Book Club members. Through trading stories, ideas, and successes, participants will contribute to a national conversation and inspire others to take action in their own neighborhoods.

The Action Book Club’s current theme is Good Neighbors, which celebrates the power of community, kindness, and taking action where you live.”

For more information on the program and how to register, visit

New News is Good News!

Emerging from depths of silence, I am, to announce two pieces of good news:

  1. I am now a member of the Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency, represented by the extraordinary Marietta Zacker!  Yaaay me!
  2. We’ve already sold a new book together! The working title is BROWN BABY LULLABY and will be illustrated by the amazingly talented AG Ford!


Needless to say, I am feeling excited, thankful and extremely blessed.

I’m on a Book Tour

…an online book tour for my new book, MY COLD PLUM LEMON PIE BLUESY MOOD! No matter where you are in the world, you can join me:

1. Monday, March 4:            Laurie J. Edwards, Author Blog

2. Tuesday March 5:            Keyboard & Camera

3. Wednesday March 6:       Ann Eisenstein, Author Blog

4. Thursday March 7:          CYNSATIONS

5.  Friday March 8:               Kristi’s Book Nook & Word Wrangler

6.  Monday March 11:           The Brown Bookshelf

7.  Tuesday March 12:           Carol Baldwin, Author Blog

8.  Wednesday March 13:     The Neophyte Writer

9.  Thursday, March 14:        Of Thoughts & Words


There will be a few book giveaways along the way, but you have to visit each stop to find out when and where.

Happy reading…and see you out on the tour!

The Next Big Thing

Writer Danette Vigilante, thinks I’m the Next Big Thing!

(Woo-hoo! Happy Dancing! Woo-hoo! Happy Dancing!)

The Next Big Thing Hop: the traveling blog that asks authors whom they consider the NEXT BIG THING, and then has them pass along the questions for those authors to answer in their blogs.

These are the rules: Answer ten questions about your current [book or] Work in Progress on your blog. Tag five writers/bloggers and add links to their pages so we can hop along to them next. Here are my answers…

What is the title of your book?

My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood


Where did the idea come from for the book?

From me thinking to myself one day, “Boy, am I in a mood.”


What genre does your book fall under?

Picture Book


Which actors would you choose to play your character in a movie rendition?

Hmmm…I have no clue. They’re all younguns, so I’m sure they’d be up-and-comers. The dad looks like the book’s illustrator, Shane Evans to me. Maybe he’d be up for the gig.


What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?

It’s a journey through the multi-colored moods of Jamie, and his attempt to get back to the happy-colored mood his brothers are trying to keep him from. (If the grammar police are reading, yes I did end this sentence with a preposition. Creative license.)


Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

It will published (very soon) by Viking Children’s, a Penguin imprint.


How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

The very first draft only took a couple of days.


What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I’ve heard Dr. Seuss’s My Many Colored Moods mentioned.


Who or what inspired you to write this book?

This one just came from a random thought that sounded like it would make a good title or first line. However, I hope it inspires readers to embrace the full emotional range that lies within each of us–the good feelings and the not-so-good ones, too.


What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

It is illustrated by 2012’s Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award winner, Shane Evans; the artwork is absolutely amazing!


Below are my tags of other authors:

Kelly Starling Lyons

Don Tate

Kristy Dempsey

Donna Earnhardt

Vanessa Brantley Newton

28 Days Later 2013 Honorees are Announced!

The Brown Bookshelf has announced this year’s list of 28 Days Later honorees! 28 Days Later is an annual campaign that seeks to increase public awareness of African-American authors and illustrators who create literature for children.

This year’s schedule of features is as follows (Vanguard authors in bold; Illustrators in italics):

Feb. 1 – Malaika Rose Stanley (MG)

Feb. 2 – Christian Robinson– (Illustrator)

Feb. 3 – Alaya Dawn Johnson – (YA)

Feb. 4 – Glenda Armand – (PB)

Feb. 5 – Glennette Tilley Turner – (MG)

Feb. 6 – Traci L. Jones – (YA)

Feb. 7 – Brynne Barnes – (PB)

Feb. 8 – Brian F. Walker – (YA)

Feb. 9 – Veronica Chambers – (MG)

Feb. 10 – B.A. Binns (YA)

Feb. 11 – Donna Washington – (PB)

Feb. 12 – Alice Randall and Caroline Randall Williams – (MG)

Feb. 13 – Octavia Butler – (YA )

Feb. 14 – Ann Tanksley – (Illustrator)

Feb. 15 – Lyah Beth LeFlore – (YA)

Feb. 16 – Tololwa M. Mollel – (PB)

Feb. 17 – Arna Bontemps – (MG)

Feb. 18 – Jasmine Richards – (MG)

Feb. 19 – James Ransome – (PB)

Feb. 20 – Ashley Bryan – (Illustrator)

Feb. 21 – Nalo Hopkinson – (YA)

Feb. 22- Daniel Minter – (Illustrator)

Feb. 23 – Angela Shelf Medearis – (PB)

Feb. 24 – Linda Tarrant-Reid – (MG)

Feb. 25 – Willie Perdomo – (PB)

Feb. 26 – Chudney Ross – (MG)

Feb. 27 – Becky Birtha – (PB)

Feb. 28 – Jaime Reed – (YA)