Join me for some TEE TALK!

I’m doing a new thing.
To grow and be better.
A YouTube series of conversations called TEE TALK.
Laughter, wisdom, and realness galore.
I hope you’ll ride with me on this journey.

TEE TALK premieres on March 1. Check it out!

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2 thoughts on “Join me for some TEE TALK!

  1. Hi Tameka,
    I watched your inaugural airing of Tee Talk with Torrey Maldonado. It was entertaining and informative. I loved that you drew out concrete lessons from him on how to communicate with people and interact more positively. But the real jewel was that I got the chance to deepen my appreciation for both you and Torrey. I admire both of you! This series is going to be a winner for all of us!
    (P.S.: My beverage for today was Honey Chai Tumeric Vitality tea. Yum!)

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