Picture Book Critique Service

“Tameka critiqued my [Miles Davis] free verse manuscript with precise suggestions that clearly helped my story shine. Her line by line edits were detailed and constructive. I’d highly recommend Tameka and look forward to her services in the future.” — Kathleen Cornell Berman, Debut Author (Birth of the Cool: How Jazz Great Miles Davis Found His Sound)

I provide children’s picture book critiques for writers 18 years and older. Critiques are $100/manuscript and include a broad level summary, as well as a line-by-line analysis. A list of craft development resources is also provided at no extra charge.

Each picture book manuscript submitted for critique should be double-spaced and not exceed 1500 words. Manuscripts should be submitted as Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) files, or in Rich Text Format (.rtf).

Payments can be made via check, money order, or CashApp. Critiques should be completed and returned to you within 3 weeks after payment has been processed.

If you are interested in my critique services, fill out the CONTACT page and let’s get started!

“I had a rhyming story that was dear to me, because it was a reflection of my family life prior to losing my husband. I knew Tameka Fryer Brown was a master at rhyme, so I decided to submit my manuscript to her for critique. Her encouraging and constructive feedback empowered me. Her suggestions helped breathe life into my story and brought it “full circle”. Words will never be able to express my gratitude for Tameka’s insightful approach to her critiques. It’s evident that she embraces a manuscript and analyzes every aspect to insure it’s as strong as it can be. I respect Tameka as a writer, value her as a friend, and highly recommend her critique services.”Pamela M. Tuck, Children’s Book Author (As Fast As Words Could Fly, Lee & Low Books)

“I attended my first SCBWI conference in September 2011 and signed up to receive a critique from an author, editor or agent.  I was lucky enough to be assigned to Tameka!  She provided me with feedback that was intelligent, insightful, honest, kind and incredibly useful.  She showed an in-depth understanding of the children’s publishing market and where my work would fit.  However, she also showed me where my work needed to be improved before it would be ready for one of those spots.  I was also taken aback – in the best possible way – by how much she ‘got me’ as a writer by reading a short selection of my work.  It was a terrific experience and has helped me continue to refine and perfect my manuscript.  I told anyone who asked about my critique – and some who didn’t – what a truly positive learning experience it was!” — Marilee Haynes, Author (a.k.a. Genius, Pauline Books and Media)

“The critique I received from Ms. Brown was worth every penny.  The recommendations she suggested for my manuscript were ideas above and beyond those noted by my critique group. The changes I’ve since made have tightened the text and raised my story to a higher level.  I will definitely seek her out for another critique in the future.” — Debbie Y., Writer

Tameka reviewed a picture book of mine. Her critique was priceless. Tameka went in depth with a lot of ideas for improving the stories. She took my manuscript line by line with suggestions of cuts, edits, and plot ideas. If you need a picture book critique, I’d highly recommend Tameka. — Roy Kindelberger, Writer

When I sent my manuscript to Tameka, I was aware of some of its problems; I just wasn’t able to come up with any further solutions. I had stalled out creatively. For me, it wasn’t about not understanding what was wrong. It was about realizing I couldn’t fix it on my own. Tameka’s comments were insightful and concise. She offered viable suggestions, but she didn’t rewrite my story. She showed me areas where I could condense or rearrange lines for greater impact and increased tension. Her direction was the jump-start I needed to get my story moving again – and in the right direction! — Shelli Cornelison, Writer

“My critique was way more than I anticipated!  Normally I get a few sentence or paragraph tweaks, but Tameka’s critique was in-depth, thorough, and clear as to what was needed to make my story even better. For that I am truly grateful!” — Dorothy Price, Writer

“As a writer, I need feedback on my work to grow. When I decided to try a new style — writing rhyming picture books — Tameka Fryer Brown was one of the first I contacted. Her rhyming stories make you swing and sway. Their meaning and music stay with you long after you’ve read them. I made the right choice. Tameka not only offered comments on the strengths and weaknesses of my story, she also gave me suggestions that retained my vision and voice. My story was made stronger because of her feedback. I highly recommend her critique services.” — Kelly Starling-Lyons, Picture Book Author (Tea Cakes for Tosh and Hope’s Gift, Penguin/Putnam)

“Tameka is a friend and critique partner, and thus I am blessed to have received many critiques from this talented lady. Her advice is always dead-on. One particular manuscript I subbed needed a lot of work, but she still seemed to “get it”. She gave me encouragement and recognized the potential in the story, but was able to pinpoint the parts that needed a complete overhaul. After I rewrote the story, it was obvious to me that Tameka was right…again. If you have the opportunity to receive a critique from Tameka, don’t pass it up. She has an eye for finding things others don’t…and your manuscript will be all the better for it.”  — Donna Earnhardt, Picture Book Author (Being Frank, Flashlight Press)

“Tameka is one of the most thorough critique partners I’ve had. She’s insightful and intuitive. She always gives solid, concrete suggestions to improve my manuscripts. I can depend on Tameka to be honest about what works and what doesn’t in my stories, poems and articles.”  — Jean Matthew Hall, Writer

“I highly value Tameka’s critiques. Her insights are always thoughtful; she has a sound understanding for story structure and gift for language. She applies her experience and talents to the work as a whole, looking for ways to make it stronger on every level.” — Kelly Dyksterhouse, Writer

“Years ago when I had the opportunity to read some of Tameka’s early stories, I knew it would just be a matter of time before she was a published author. Her writing is so fun and lively — she is obviously very talented. And I can say from experience that she is also very talented at critiquing. Her critique of one of my picture book manuscripts included comments ranging from the very specific considerations of things like word choice and sentence structure to more “big picture” items, such as the emotional core of the story and the current PB market. And her suggestions were all presented in such a thoughtful and encouraging way. I’m glad to hear that Tameka is offering a critique service for writers. I highly recommend it!”  — Sheri Dillard, Writer