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WOTD: Write

Since today is the National Day on Writing (YAAAY–go write something), all of us at The Brown Bookshelf have shared our reasons for writing. I stated my reasons in the following poem:


by Tameka Fryer Brown


I write to express my thoughts, my feelings, my beliefs—

Poignant or not,

Sleeve-worn or not,

Endorsed by the general masses

Or not.


I write because I have something to say

And a right to say it.


I write because my muse has infused my literary tongue

With brilliance unparalleled;

And because she’s abandoned me so

I’m trying desperately to coax her back.


I write because I can.


I write to avoid mopping, dusting, vacuuming,

Tubs, toilets, tile,

Dirty windows, dirty laundry, and dirty dishes…

Because a writer has a good excuse to avoid these things,

But a stay-at-home mom

With kids in school all day

Does not.


I write toward self-actualization.


I write to keep my wits sharp.


I write to show insecure Girl-Me that I can,

To show other self-doubters that they can, too.


I write because words are beautiful things

That I cherish…

And I pray, someday,

Some child will cherish mine.


Kelly Starling-Lyons, Paula Chase-Hyman, Gwendolyn Hooks, Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich, and Don Tate also share their motivations for writing.

So…why do YOU write? Please share your answer at The Brown Bookshelf — or even *write* here.

(Haha. I crack me up.  Agape!)

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