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WOTD: Appreciation

I had a great time with the members of the Charlotte Reading Association this past Monday. Educators from various parts of the city (and one from Raleigh) traveled to Albemarle Road Elementary to hear me speak on the writer’s, educator’s and parent’s role in engaging readers.  There were brownies involved. (Now don’t you wish you had been there?)

I can never thank passionate, dedicated teachers enough for doing what may often seem like a thankless job; it is, in reality, one of THE most vital jobs in all of society. May the impact you have on our young people bring you the honor and reward you most assuredly deserve.

Oh yeah. Almost forgot…in my prep work, I found some great links about encouraging readers. Check them out:

DEAR—Drop Everything and Read

ReaderKidZ, “Beyond The Reading Log” by Bruce Frost

CNN article from James Patterson




CRA…Here I Come

WOTD (Words of the Day): Peace and Productivity

First–Thank you ALL for the love you’ve shown at my “virtual housewarming”. If you can’t tell, I am still excited about this brand-new, website home. 🙂

Second–In a few days, I’ll be presenting to members of the Charlotte Reading Association.  I almost feel like I’ll be preaching to the choir, as this group is comprised of individuals who are dedicated to instilling a love of reading in our kids–educators, parents, and literary enthusiasts. The topic is Engaging Readers.  With this group of experts, I’m hoping to learn as much as I share. I’ll be sure to pass along any interesting nuggets to you.  Wish me excellence!