New News is Good News!

Emerging from depths of silence, I am, to announce two pieces of good news:

  1. I am now a member of the Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency, represented by the extraordinary Marietta Zacker!  Yaaay me!
  2. We’ve already sold a new book together! The working title is BROWN BABY LULLABY and will be illustrated by the amazingly talented AG Ford!


Needless to say, I am feeling excited, thankful and extremely blessed.

A Wayback Piece



Posting a fun poem I wrote a long while back. I still really like it. Hmmm–maybe it will turn out to be the first piece for a future book of kid’s poetry….

Anyway, here’s hoping it gives you a little chuckle…and full permission to be as silly as you want to be!


P.S.  Hi, Jean!



by Tameka Fryer Brown


I’m mad at Mom. I’m mad at Dad.

They took out every toy I had

and left me in here

all alone

to “think” they said.

I should have known

that when they huddled up

and talked

my goose was cooked.

I should’ve walked—

no ran outside and down the street

to A.J.’s house.

We’d hide and eat

up in his room.

We both like cheese

so we’d eat that

and play with Weeze,

‘cept he’s

a dog that likes to drool

and when you’re eating, that’s not cool.

So nix the dog.

A.J. and me,

we’d eat and then we’d try to see

Trey’s house

(which sits on Main and Pope)

through A.J.’s brother’s telescope.

But as we did,

we just might spy

his grouchy neighbor, Mrs. Blye,

do something that is really gross—

like pluck her chin or

pick her toes

or worse…

hock in her witches brew

and pour it in a bowl marked “STEW”

that looked just like the stew she’d brought

to cure the cold AJ had caught

last week.

He’d scream

and then we’d duck

too late.

She’d see us—

More good luck!

Then she’d come over, ring the bell

looking mad and

quick to tell

his mom

that we were peeping through

her window—

which would not be true—

but even still, she’d call MY mom,

who’d tell my dad,

who’d seem real calm…

but then, they’d huddle—

and today,

I’d still be in here anyway!


So while I’m “thinking”, guess I ought

to think about

not getting caught!